I meet Olga, she's a hobbyist, like me, with a fresh keen interest in mountaineering, also like me. I come back from Denali, take a shower and decide to climb Mt. Aconcagua with her. This time I didn’t  laugh, I began planning the trip using all of the knowledge and skill that I have gathered thus far. It no longer felt ridiculous to plan, I felt ready to lead.

We summited Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest peak in South America. After coming back to Camp 2 from the summit that's where and when the decision to climb Mt. Everest was made 🏔 😎 💃.  Most climbers on the mountain were probably committing to never climb again, but we wanted more. We were thrilled with our success.

In the next couple of blog posts you'll find out what it's like to plan and prepare for an Everest expedition. Gear, food, physical training, mental preparedness, and confessions will all be described in detail. 😉